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Not pretty, but it's what I roll with :D

Who Am I?

I know you're a busy person so I will try not to bore you with my life story. I will just tell you a few things about me so you get to paint a bit of my picture into your mind.

My name is Alex, I'm 28 years old and been designing online since december 2005. And I love dogs.

I'm a self made designer and all I know I learned by practice. I started with eBook covers and slowly expanded to minisites and wordpress blogs/websites. I've worked with tons of clients, big "dogs" and small business owners alike, doing freelance and full time.

I'm really good with Photoshop (some would say prolific, but I tend to be modest), I use dreamweaver to code my pages and I'm pretty good with CSS.

How I work?

I mostly designed pages for direct response marketing and my designs hit top 3 on ClickBank in their categories multiple times. Maybe you're familiar with Steve Iser's stuff? John Hostler, Ewen Chia, Alex Goad, Matthew O'Connor, Alen Sultanic, Alan Magliocca, Alvin Phang, Paul Ponna, Devid Farah, and the list can continue on and on and on. Oh, I should I also mention James Grandstaff and David Sinick.

I'm known as the "Bling" because most of the stuff I put out has the "bling" touch. Meaning... well... it's blingy, but that is because of the nature of the projects I work on. I can do clean layouts too where simplicity is actually more but as my portfolio says I've had to work more of blingy stuff :)

I like to think that I'm pretty versatile when it comes to my style so please consider that. I can do blingy/over the top stuff, but I can also do clean. It's just a matter of what's needed where.

However, the goal of my work is always sending the message to the viewer as soon as posible and convert that visitor into a buyer/lead or whatever the project needs.

I like working via email but I really enjoy working over skype/teamviewer.

Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler
Albert Einstein

You know what they say about pictures being worth 1000 words, right? Have a look at a small sample of my portfolio below, which speaks for itself.

If you'd like to see more of work, please just drop a line.


WEB DESIGN / UI DESIGN / Web banners

That's mainly what I do. I design. Text sales letters, Video sales letters, Video and text sales letters, landing pages, Wordpress blogs and sites, member areas, web banners, and so on. Name it, I can do it.


Book covers, dvd covers, cd labels, software boxes,
even matchboxes. Yep, you need it, I got it covered.

Games / Business Cards / Logos / t-shirts

Yep, I do these too.


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